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In Office Scanning Available!

biophotonic scanner

At Almaden Dental Associates we measures patients carotenoid antioxidant levels with the BioPhotonic Scanner. This non invasive scan finally gives us a simple and  inexpensive way to monitor the absorption of antioxidants into our cells by measuring a key marker–the level of carotenoids within our cells.    The Biophotonic Scanner is a revolutionary tool that enables us for the first time, to measure our level of carotenoid antioxidant protection quickly. Antioxidants are our frontline defense against the free radicals that constantly affect our cells. Over 30,000 scientific papers have been written about free radicals and antioxidants in the last 20 years.  With the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner we can now obtain an accurate measurement of your personal antioxidant level.

If you are concerned about your Nutrition, are taking supplements,  are looking at labels on your food,  feel like its time to take control of your health, weight  and want to try to get off of your medications ask us about our Pharmanex Biophonic Scanner.   Our in office scanner will give you a quantitative measurement of your inter cellular Caratonoid levels which is a major indicator of your cellular antioxidant absorption. It is basically a simple, fast and accurate test of the quality of your diet and or supplements.  Scan at your checkups so you can track your nutritional goals on a regular basis! Are you sure your diet and supplements are working?

What are Free Radicals?

Scientists believe free radicals contribute to the aging process. It’s a fact of life … we age, every second, of everyday. And although we can’t stop the aging process, we can take steps to improve our health as we age. Certain known causes of free radical damage such as smoking or sun exposure can have negative impacts on how we look and feel. Pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals – even the air we breathe creates free radicals within our bodies.

Why should we be concerned with Free Radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive, short lived molecules that can damage proteins, fats, and even DNA inside of our bodies. Every day our cells get about 75 thousand free radical hits to their DNA. Most of the damage can be repaired by repairing enzymes inside the body, but the little bit of damage that can’t be repaired accumulates over time and can add to the problems associated with the normal aging process.

It is becoming more evident that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer and a more trouble free longevity. Unfortunately, Americans have become accustomed to taking prescription medications for various illnesses, rather then embark on a preventative health plan.  Antioxidants help protect the integrity of our DNA and the molecules in our cells.


No preventative dental program can exist without addressing a patient’s antioxidant levels as it relates to oral and general health.  Peer review studies have show without a doubt that antioxidants minimize risks of cancer by boosting the immune system and by helping  preserve the integrity of our DNA.  By lessening the effects of free radicals on our DNA, antioxidants have been associated with cardiopulmonary health as well as skin, eye, and bone health.   We encourage our patients to achieve these beneficial levels of antioxidants by choosing the right foods-  fruits, vegetables and nuts are rich in antioxidants.

An estimated 80 percent of American adults currently have some form of periodontal disease, an infection of the tissues that support the teeth.  Studies published in the Journal of the  American Dental Association Research have linked high intracellular antioxidant levels with resistance to periodontal disease and inflammation    Experts agree that infections associated with periodontal disease can lead to severe health risks including stroke, heart disease and other life threatening systemic diseases as well.

Antioxidants in Periodontal Diseases (PDF)

 Why Buying Pharmanex Supplements Direct is a Good Idea

For those with busy life styles, eating properly is a time consuming effort. Some of our patients utilize services that deliver fresh vegetables and fruit directly to their homes.  Companies like Farm Fresh to You can help simplify the ability to eat 9 portions of vegetables a day. In addition,  juicing takes up time and effort.  Although I personally recommend that optimal nutrition should be attained from natural sources instead of supplements   its not a practical solution for most.   Pharmanex supplements are unique in that they are designed to be absorbed, they are pure and clean (manufactured at pharmaceutical level quality) and are guaranteed to work and be absorbed.   By signing up for a basic supplement program (2 lifepack nanos a day)  your scanner scores will improve over a 2 month period or you don’t pay for the program.   That’s a money back guarantee that your nutrition will improve in an easy to implement way.   If you are truly interested in results and convenience,  we urge you to try this program.  The program comes to 4 dollars a day and is equivalent to eating 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.   Consider how much you are spending on supplements that are not working,  or nutritious fruits and vegetables that you can not store or buy on a regular basis.   The Biophonic Scanner gives you a convenient feedback  on  your progress and can be a part of your regular checkups at our office.

6LifePak Grocery

Why LifePak® is superior to other vitamin supplements

Double Blind Clinical Studies 

LifePak® is an antioxidant multivitamin where double blind clinical tests show a reduction in free radical damage. To view summaries of two of these double blind studies, click here.

The expertise and experience of Pharmanex® Scientists

LifePak® was created with the input of over 70 scientists and 31 affiliate institutions throughout the world. World renown experts in the field of antioxiandts like Dr Lester Packard at UC Berkeley take Lifepack Nano daily.  The creation of LifePak® was based on Pharmanex®’s unique approach to dietary supplementation, which is to create safe and efficient dietary supplements by applying the disciplines of western science to natural products then substantiating and refining the results through a scientific pharmaceutical approach and through scientific consensus.  Pharmanex® scientists examine the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determine how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions.  After weighing these factors that account for the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determining how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions, only the substances that are known to be safe and effective in promoting health are taken to the next stage of development. Once selected, all Pharmanex® ingredients are subjected to a stringent, scientific analysis known as the 6S Quality Guarantee.

This patented manufacturing process, based on selection, sourcing, structure, standardization, safety and substantiation, enables Pharmanex® to lead the pack in quality and efficacy. The company consistently meets or exceeds the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards set by the FDA for this product category.

Pharmanex® uses proprietary technology in its manufacturing process to maintain tight quality controls through all stages of product development. The key to consistent quality is the Pharmanex® 6S Quality Process, the basis of the company’s pharmaceutical approach to product development.

By applying this process, Pharmanex® has consistently met or exceeded the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards set by the FDA for this product category. The 6S Quality Process has enabled Pharmanex® to become an industry leader in quality and efficacy.


To locate the botanicals with the most effective health-promoting properties, Pharmanex® employs teams of experts from the United States and Asia. These teams conduct exhaustive research—compiling, reviewing, and summarizing historical use and current intelligence about a botanical’s properties and health benefits.


Once Pharmanex® decides to proceed with a particular botanical, a team investigates potential sources of the botanical and conducts exhaustive analyses on samples from each source. Sources may be domestic or international and may include Pharmanex® cultivation areas in China and Chile. Pharmanex® chooses a supplier based on the quality and concentration level of the active ingredient(s) present in samples from that source.


Using state-of-the-art analytical techniques and working in collaboration with respected universities and laboratories in both China and the United States, Pharmanex® conducts structural analyses of the natural compounds present in the selected botanical. These analyses isolate and purify specific chemical structures in standardized extracts, a critical step in ensuring a safe and effective botanical.


Wide variations in active ingredients are characteristic of any botanical. For example, when Pharmanex® analyzes potential Ginkgo biloba leaves, studies reveal the concentrations of active components will vary by as much as 300% depending on season, climate, soil, method of harvest, storage conditions, and processing.

Pharmanex® optimizes the active ingredients of a product through strict, proprietary standardization processes (to at least one relevant marker molecule). Each capsule of a Pharmanex® product contains the same amount of each active ingredient.


Pharmanex® is leading the way in establishing strict standards to ensure the safety of its products. Scientists research and document the history of a product’s use and safety. Pharmaceutical-grade tests for the presence of microbes, toxins, and heavy metals are carried out for all products.

The active ingredient amount used is based on dosages found effective through clinical trials and is backed by published data on file at Pharmanex®. Each product label details directions for use and contains appropriate warning information.


Pharmanex® only makes product claims that have been substantiated through documented preclinical and clinical studies. Existing clinical data are reviewed, and when necessary, Pharmanex® sponsors studies of its products. Data from some of these studies are subsequently submitted to major international journals for review.

This adherence to scientific standards for substantiation helps make Pharmanex® a leader in the natural healthcare product industry. The attention to detail, strict scientific testing, and commitment to quality ensures that every Pharmanex® product is provided by nature and proven by science.